Hanuman Kneeling Idol


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This is a 3D printable STL file of Lord Hanuman Kneeling Idol.

Size: 5 Inches

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This is a 3D printable STL file of Hanuman Kneeling Idol.

This idol if 3D printed will provide positive energy in your home or office.

You may keep this on your work desk for positive aura. You may also keep it on your children’s desk to help them gain and nurture wisdom.

You may choose from a variety of colors like gold, silver, plain white, wooden, bronze or copper.

3D Printing can be done on a FDM or an equivalent printer and subsequently can be spray painted or electro-plated. The printing can be done at an accuracy level of 100 – 150 microns in any filament of choice.

On payment receipt, we will be sending either the stl by email either directly or through a download link.


It is to be noted that resale, rent or give away of this stl is strictly not allowed.

Model cannot distributed to third parties in any media, including, cd, dvd uploaded to websites, ftp sites or transmitted in any electronic way.

  1. 5 out of 5

    Very nice model

  2. 5 out of 5

    This model is great. Thank you!

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